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Power of Nutrition

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In the summer of 2023, PHEP designed a 2 day interactive and holisitic nutrition curriculum for elementary and middle school students. This curriculum aims to equip students with information in order to take advantage of nutrion to improve their lives. 

The focus is on giving accessible advice. Our main message is to aim to include all 3 of the macronutrient group in your snacks & meals. Rather than teaching students to label foods as bad or to take away foods they like, this curriculum encourages students to add foods to meals and snacks they already enjoy to make them more nutritious. 

This 2-day curriculum is designed to be completed in 2, 45 minute long sessions. Below, you can find our entire curriculum available to you for free.

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PHEP piloted this curriculum with 6th grade students at the Stanford Summer Explorations program for Sunnyvale School District.

Core Components of This Curriculum

1. Sliedes Presentation - Use theses lides to guide students throught

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