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PHEP's Timeline

Since its founding in 2020, PHEP has remained committed to the community through various initiatives and partnerships.



COVID-19 Pandemic Problem Identification & Ideation

PHEP founders Crystal Tao and Elisa Floyd, who were respectively a PA student and highschool freshman at the time, began brainstorming solutions in response to the immense amount of fear and misinformation regarding COVID-19 in their community amid the pandemic. 


After meeting with various educators, they decided to combat misinformation by creating an accessible curriculum for youth to learn about the science behind COVID-19. 


Team Recruitment

PHEP founders began recruiting educators, college students, and high school students to establish a team, which they grew to 7 members. They also recruited college professors to advise the team.



COVID-19 Video Series Research & Production

Over the course of 4 months from January to April 2021, the PHEP team conducted research for and then scripted, narrated, animated, and edited a 6 episode video series for middle and high school students about COVID-19. 


(COVID-19 Video Series) Partnerships w/ Schools

PHEP established a partnership with Sunnyvale Middle School, Columbia Middle School, Homestead High School, and several other schools in the Bay Area. These schools adopted PHEP’s curriculum in their science classes. 


(COVID-19 Video Series) Partnership with Santa Clara County 

Santa Clara County's COVID-19 Community Ambassador Program adopted PHEP's COVID-19 Video Series as part of their training material for Ambassadors that are volunteer leaders who serve as community resources about COVID-19. PHEP’s video series thereby reached over 25 school districts with 300,000+ students and staff throughout the county. 


PHEP is Founded & Launches Website

After a success with the COVID-19 Video Series, PHEP’s core team at the time wanted to continue their work for the community. Thus, they officially founded the Public Health Enhancement Project with a mission to use public health education to empower community members to make informed decisions. 


Partnership with Oregon Society of Physician Assistants

PHEP established a partnership with OSPA to further disseminate PHEP’s COVID-19 curriculum to schools throughout the state of Oregon.


PHEP wins Project of the Year Award

PHEP was awarded the Project of the Year Award for their COVID-19 Curriculum and a $500 grant. They presented their project at the Civic Leadership Academy’s 2021 National Showcase. 


Educator Surveys

PHEP surveyed High School teachers in Santa Clara County and identified 2 major problems:


  1. Lack of resources for exploration of Public Health Careers 

  2. Lack of climate change curriculum in schools



Curriculum Development

PHEP launched its Nutrition and Climate Anxiety curriculum development.


Website Reboot

PHEP redesigned its website.


Partnership with University of California

PHEP launched a partnership with the UC Davis Public Health Sciences Club to connect High School students with resources to learn about public health careers.



 PHEP Committees 

PHEP launched 3 new committees:


  1. Newsletter Committee

  2. Outreach Committee

  3. Curriculum Development Committee


Partnership with University of California

PHEP expanded its partnership with the University of California to include the UC Berkeley Cal Undergraduate Public Health Coalition


National Public Health Week

PHEP held a weeklong social media campaign for NPHW, hosted its first annual NPHW Virtual Symposium, and launched its first digital magazine.


Partnership with Asian American Cancer Support Network

PHEP established a partnership with AACSN to launch the "Expressions of Courage" Art Competition. 


Stanford Summer Explorations Program Nutrition Pilot Lessons

PHEP developed and taught pilot nutrition lessons to 6th grade students at the Stanford Summer Explorations Program.

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