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COVID-19 Video Series


In 2021, PHEP created a short six-episode series of animated videos that break down all the relevant science surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic. Each episode includes colorful visuals, analogies, examples, and a touch of humor to help you understand the virus that’s kept us separated from each other for so long.

Episode 1
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Episode 3

6 Episodes

Episode 1: The Lego Blocks of Life

In order to begin to understand the COVID-19 pandemic, you must first learn a little more about what’s going on inside your own body. Like all other living things, you are made up of cells, which work together as a team to keep your body functioning and alive. As you might imagine, cells are super important. They produce energy, allow you to move, repair your injuries, defend your body against invading pathogens, and so much more. In episode 1, you will begin learning about the importance and structure of your cells.

Episode 2: The Recipe for Life to Make Proteins

In episode 2, you will learn about DNA, which contains instructions that help cells carry out activities essential for survival. You will also learn a bit about protein synthesis, the process by which cells use the instructions contained in DNA to make proteins, the tiny workers of your cells.

Episode 3: Tiny Packages of Destruction

In episode 3, you will learn how viruses, including the one responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, hijack our cells and use protein synthesis to create an army of viral invaders.

Episode 4: The Superheroes of Your Body

Viruses are only one component of the enemy army of disease causing agents called pathogens that seek to invade your body. Luckily, your body isn’t helpless. It’s home to a powerful, state-of-the-art defense system known as the immune system. In episode 4, you will learn about the human immune system and how its many specialized cells and proteins work as a team to protect you.

Episode 5: The Virus Behind the Pandemic

Over the course of the last 4 episodes, you have learned about cells, viruses, and the human immune system. Now, armed with that knowledge, we can finally begin to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. In episode 5, you will learn about the story of SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the pandemic.

Episode 6: Vaccines, the Study Guide to Overcoming Vaccines

Now you have a basic understanding of the virus that’s caused the pandemic, but you may still be wondering, what exactly can we do about it. How do we protect ourselves against this awful virus, and how do we end the pandemic? In episode 6, you will learn about how we develop immunity against viruses, what vaccines are, how they work, and how we can get out of the pandemic.

PHEP is advised by college professors and healthcare professionals to ensure that we bring you accurate information. 

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions--important decisions that are in the hands of each and every one of us in ending this pandemic and preventing future pandemics. So come on over to watch our mini series! We look forward to sharing what we know with you. Thanks for tuning in!

Awards & Recognition

Adopted by 
Santa Clara County

2nd Place 
National Project of the Year

Santa Clara County's COVID-19 Community Ambassador Program (CAP) adopted PHEP's COVID-19 Video Series as part of their training material for Ambassadors that are volunteer leaders who serve as community resources about COVID-19.

School Districts

The Public Health Enhancement Project was awarded $500 for receiving the Project of the Year Award at the Civic Leadership Academy's 2021 National Showcase and Award Ceremony on October 21st, 2021. PHEP was chosen out of 42 projects across the United States of America that were evaluated through an application and judging process. This ceremony was an opportunity for PHEP to share its work with the COVID-19 Video Series project with a national audience

Students & Staff
Awarded Grant
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