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Meet the Team.

We are a team of students and teachers. In addition, all of our content is supported and reviewed by college professors and healthcare professionals. ​

Elisa is a currently a junior at Homestead High School. Her passion for biology started in sixth grade when she learned about DNA and how to use Punnett squares to predict genotypes. After noticing the lack of scientific information her peers and community members had during the COVID-19 pandemic, she set out to start PHEP and began to commit herself to educating those around her and helping them make informed decisions.

Rachel is currently a 10th grade high school student at Markville Secondary School in Ontario, Canada. Math and science are two of her favourite subjects in school. Some of her passions include Legos, Star Wars, and technology. Working on PHEP has been a very rewarding experience and she intends to continue informing her audience through engaging visual media projects on public health while having fun with her teammates.

Karen is a sophomore at Homestead High School. She served as the vice president of student council as an eighth grader. Karen is fascinated by science and is always eager to consume more information. Working on PHEP is an eye-opening experience that allows her to further explore the world of biology and give back to her community while having fun. She encourages the general public to watch PHEP's video series to learn more about COVID-19 and viruses. Her hobbies include tennis, art, and piano.

Xinyue is currently a junior at Homestead High School. In PHEP, she enjoys the collaboration within the team and with university professors and students, spreading awareness on public health concerns through social media, and organizing volunteer events for the community. Outside of PHEP, she enjoys volleyball, hanging out with friends, and watching c-dramas.

Newsletter Committee


Ella Shen

11th grade

Ella is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. She is interested in spreading information about PHEP and creating videos and newsletters - as that parallels her passion in journalism. She also enjoys running cross country and experiencing new adventures in the outdoors.


Irene Hwang

9th grade

Irene is a freshman at Lynbrook High School. She has a passion for creative writing and informative writing. She is interested in the health and wellness of the public community. In addition, she hopes to raise awareness about public health issues through the distribution of accurate information. She aspires to make a difference in our community and further through PHEP!


Evelyn Wang

10th grade

Evelyn is currently a sophomore at Homestead High School and enjoys activities such as LD debate and journalism, which have opened her eyes to issues in the status quo — especially public health. She joined PHEP hoping to use her skills in the humanities, as well as her interest in biology, to spread awareness about prevalent health problems. Evelyn's other hobbies include dancing in various styles, teaching at her studio, and spending time with her friends.


Jane Ser

9th grade

Jane is a freshman attending Homestead High School. Her interests range from business to music. She was an executive editor at her previous school's writing club and published three school-wide newspapers. She wants to further explore formal writing in her experiences with PHEP, and she's excited to be sharing accurate and helpful information on public health and more.

Outreach Committee

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 8.04.41 AM.jpg

Vivian Kao

10th grade

Vivian is a sophomore at Cupertino High School. She is interested in exploring biomedical research and hopes that PHEP will spread awareness about health-related issues.


Alex Zhang

11th grade

Alex is a junior at Homestead High School whose academic passions lie in STEM, and more specifically in the realm of biological science and biostatistics. He joined PHEP to help spread awarenness about important public health issues that he felt were glossed over. Outside of school, Alex loves to hike, watch documentaries, and hangout with his brother.


Evangeline Park

9th grade

Evangeline is a freshman at Homestead High School. She has an interest in biology and plans on pursuing a career in pathology in the future. In addition, she’s passionate about public relations and hopes to spread PHEP information and opportunities to students everywhere. Educating students on health and wellness is a top priority for her and she hopes that PHEP content can reach many students.

Content Development Committee


Leyna Matsumoto

9th grade


Arun Eesan

10th grade


Keane Wong

9th grade


Yujiun Chen

12th grade


PHEP Bio Photo.jpg

Crystal Tao

Crystal's two greatest passions are education and medicine because she believes they're critical aspects to building a healthier and more unified society. As a K-8 teacher, Hospital Corpsman, and now PA student, her goal is to organize community-driven efforts to advocate for more equitable access to science education, medical knowledge, and improved health policies. PHEP is a place for anyone of any age/profession who wants to create the change they'd like to see in the world. Crystal encourages you to join us today!


Noelle Mcculloh

Noelle is a first year student at UC Davis. She plans to study biological sciences and public health. Noelle has been passionate about public health ever since she studied infectious diseases in 7th grade, and one day she hopes to become an infectious diseases physician. She loves being a part of PHEP because it allows her to pursue her passion for public health while helping educate and consequently protecting her community.s. 

Bio Picture.jpg

Dewey Huang

As a science teacher at Sunnyvale Middle School, Dewey has witnessed the importance of encouraging an interest in science and scientific thought in his students. He strongly believes that teaching children to think critically about the world around them and to explore phenomena through inquiry is a core principle in building a healthier and stronger society. In this regard, PHEP is an amazing opportunity to foster bright young minds and activate them to create positive, sustainable change in the world they will inherit.


Kyle Boden

Kyle is a college junior majoring in Biology (Pre-Med), currently attending The University of Alabama. Before attending University, Kyle worked as a Wilderness EMT, providing emergency medicine to backcountry and rural communities. Through his experiences, Kyle's discovered that his true passion is through civic engagement for medicine. After spending some time as a Wilderness First Aid instructor, his interest in teaching various forms of medicine led him to participate in the Public Health Enhancement Project (PHEP). Outside of school and PHEP, Kyle likes to spend his time playing water polo for the University's club water polo team and volunteering at a Fire Department.munity and  utilize her skills in design to help educate public on health issues. 

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